Working of BKF Recovery Tool

For perfect backup files recovery, just follow the following steps and you can easily achieve corrupt backup recovery performed.

You need to install our software to your system for starting the recovery process

  • Click on the “Scan File” button.

  • Now you can start scanning of your system and choose any one scanning technique among “Quick Scan”, “Deep Scan” and “Range Base Scan”.

  • After loading, you can see the following screen in which the files are allocated in tree like structure on the left panel and on the right panel you can find BKF files on which the recovery process is to be done.

  •  Right click on the BKF file, you will have only one options to extract of the file by “Extract” option to start the extraction process.

  • Click on the “Extract” button for initiating the extraction process.

  • BKF file which was corrupted is now recovered and now you can save your file into your system by “Save” option and also you can mention the location of your BKF file.