Corrupt Backup File Recovery Tool for Analysis of Corruption!

Now acquire a tool offered by Our Organization Group for analysis of corruption present in the backup system Corrupt Backup File Recovery tool can perform backup file recovery process and can be used for eliminating BKF File corruption by applying BKF Repair process. You can easily extract BKF Files which are corrupt by using BKF Recovery Tool. Backup systems can inherit this corrupt backup file recovery tool for performing various processes like recovery of important data, images, and text files etc which are corrupt. Corrupt Backup File Recovery Tool is a BKF Repair Tool which is used to remove errors or inconsistencies present in the backup files created using VERITAS Backup or NTBackup.exe.

This Restore Corrupt Backup Tool is very unique BKF repair program among the data recovery tools available as it ensures the users by thorough inspection prior the extraction process.

Attributes of Corrupt Backup File Recovery Tool

  • You can open Corrupt Backup Restore Tool and can perform exploration of files also.
  • Extract BKF Files by Corrupt Backup File Recovery Tool
  • Save the selected BKF file in any folder or any particular location after extraction process
  • Supports Unicode characters.
  • Preview display of Backup file contents.
  • Search Option for searching of files by particular size, type, etc.
  • Runs comfortably on  Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 & Windows 8

Corrupt Backup Recovery process can be carried out easily by BKF Repair Tool developed by Our Organization has in-built facility for performing scanning on the corrupted files. Users can choose among the Quick Scan, Range Based Scan and Deep Scan for going through the content which is to be kept for extraction process.