How To Back Up Gmail Emails With Gmail Backup Software

Know how to back up Gmail emails with our reliable and user friendly interface provider tool; Gmail Backup software application. The Gmail Backup utility of our organization is built with advanced technicalities that allows the users to generate backup files for the Gmail database in order to safe guard the data at times of unforeseen crisis. The tool to create Gmail Backup also comes as a free of cost demo version that allows the users to preview the working process of the Gmail Backup software.

Create Gmail Backup And Avoid Permanent Loss of Gmail Database

  • Gmail is one of the most abundantly used email clients that allow the users to perform much reliable and high-tech functionality of mailing and other features. And due to any unexpected circumstances the user might not be able to use the Gmail database without complications hence it is always better to create backup.
  • The software comes with an easy to use frontend interface that allows the users to perform the procedure of backing up Gmail database at a go without facing complexities or getting baffled
  • The folder series is maintained throughout the process of backing up the Gmail database so that no kind of confusions are faced by the user while finding a particular folder
  • While performing the process of creating backup for the Gmail database the connectivity with the LAN is needed till the login information is provided by the user
  • The Gmail Backup tool carries out a verifying test in order to check whether email address provided by the user exists or not
  • Types of backup can be selected by the users from the following:
  1. Date Based Backup
  2. Full Backup
  • The user can chose whether to store the backed up Gmail database in an EML format or PST file format because if the PST file format is chosen then the installation of MS Outlook one the respective computer system is required